Dear representative of 303 Gallerie,



   What's in a name some people ask?  In your case a number.  A number is a powerful thing.  And we don't feel that you picked this by chance.  The freemasons for instance, knew the power of numbers.  Did you know that J.F.K. and Clinton are the only two presidents who aren't freemasons?  All right then, let's do the numbers:  3 plus 0 plus 3 gives us 6.  Six is double 3.  Six 3's are 18, which is also 3 sixes, or 6 6 6.  The sign of the evil beast.  (Ronald [6 letters] Wilson [6 letters] Reagan [6 letters] he was a friend of the Old Boy [and now he can't remember.  Coincidence?).  Add one (#1) to our little friend Mr. 6 and you get 7, rhymes with heaven.  That's god's number.  Lucky 7. 

   Why do we bring this to your attention?  We have two ideas (possibly three) that can bring greater sales and attention to your gallery.  First of all, get a good logo.  We have enclosed one that we as artists designed especially for you.  Two, show our work.  The numbers go like this:  500 (dollars that is), gets you print-ready film of the logo.  BUT, if you show our work the fee is waived.  500 is a powerful #  (Fortune 500, Galaxie 500 [the band], Indianapolis 500).  Three; maybe you should change your name to 304 (equals 7) or 707.  (The Boeing 707 has the best track record of any commercial jetliner)  707 is 14, twice 7, God's #.  Keep the peace, kill the beast.


With Great Admiration,






PS:  Write us promptly because we might be going out of town soon.