Dear sir or madam,



  We spoke to either you, a good friend of yours, a co-worker, or your lover a while back at the art fair, in which you displayed an impressive collection of New England "Sailor" paintings.  We spoke most recently at the Chateau Marmont art fair in L.A., where our associate mentioned that we are involved in making logos for various galleries of our choosing.  Simply put, galleries worth spending the time on like yours.

  You were very excited, if I remember correctly, and sort of promised me that you would use our logo, and that you had confidence in us.  I really hope you were not just being nice or drunk.

  If you are interested in receiving print ready film of the enclosed logo plus the rights to use it any way you like, please send a check or money order to either Justin Blaustein or Asi Asmundsson for the amount of $500.00.

  If you're not quite ready for the logo but would like to see slides of our work or would just like to put us in a show, give us a call or e-mail us (the future is here).