Achtung Mary!



   Remember when it was just you, Herr's Schnabel, Salle, Fischl, and Clemente, just kicking it on top of the hill, sipping fine Champagne, and smiling down on all the little people?  And what about the term, "Post modernism"?  Just utter it and your name springs to mind.  You alone with your vision, had the nerve to show these artists that no-one else would show.  You Frau Mary created an art movement! 

   Now think about that asshole down in SoHo, Leo Castelli.  Sure, he had his day, what with Pop art and all, but some say he's still the King, the Lion King.  And he's sitting on his throne laughing at you.  You moved up to 57th St. next to Disneyland.  How do you think that looks?  If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, and that's just what it looks like you did.

   By now, you're probably wondering where we're going with this.  Well enclosed is your new logo.  Something no other gallery has.  Imagine it waving nobly on a flag, crying out to all who sees it, "Through these portals lies a gallery of magnificent splendor!" 

   But there's no such thing as a free lunch, Frau Mary.  This'll cost you:  Either $1,000.00 for print-ready film of the logo, plus the rights to use it, or when you open the Mary Boone Project Space in Chelsea, you give us the opening show.  Please respond by January 1st 1998.