Dear Paula Cooper,



   We don't know if you remember us, but we sure remember you.  Paula Cooper is a household name in many art-lovers' and art historians' minds.  We remember you as our employer and friend who treated us as equals (both of us).  And you were right, we are equals (maybe not yours), and that's why we decided to collaborate forever.  "And where did you guys meet?" you might ask.  Oh yeah, why, at your place of course, 149 books.  Just like you and that hilarious film-maker John Waters did a couple of weeks later.  We witnessed it when we were selling a complete "nobody" a Gober catalogue who just "happened" to walk in at the same time as Mr. Waters.  Then you stepped in from behind us and said, "Mr. Waters its a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm Ms. Cooper of the Cooper gallery."  It was a great experience seeing two cultural icons communicating with each other in an easy, relaxed manner.  It really taught us a valuable lesson in the art of communicating. 

   People of Mr. Waters' caliber probably get harassed by wannabes and other hoipoloi many times over in a day.  We are sure that artists try to meet you, madam, trying to get ahead.  The last thing we want you to think is that that is the purpose of this letter.  We are simply trying to make a living as designers/artists.  Therefore we offer you print-ready film and the rights to a logo that we made for you and your gallery.  We only ask that you pay us $1500.00 for our time and effort, or put us in a group show at your west-side project space.



Always in our mind,





PS:  The good old days are here to stay, Chelsea all the way.