Dear head of Feature Gallery,





   Everybody needs a little pat on the back and a lot of us even deserve one.  Let me tell you Mister, you really do deserve a big one, and a hug.  But we can't give you a hug, because society tells us one cannot hug a stranger.  A pat on the back is more acceptable.  Especially if you give it in the form of a logo.

   Please don't look at us as whores even if we want $500.00 for print-ready film of the logo plus the rights to use it, or a show in your gallery in exchange for it.  After all it is the logo not the pat on the back that is for sale and we would be more than happy to pat you on the back just for the hell of it (later).  Maybe in the future we can hug each other too.  But only God knows what is going to happen in the future.  Remember:  it is in your hands.  We are ready, willing, and able.



Let's do this thing,





PS:  Make the future a reality today.