Dear Mr. Feldman,




   We have a little riddle for you:  Every institution outside the art world has got something that no galleries believe in.  Interpol, Deutsche Bank, F.B.I., and the Scotland Yard all share it.  Just say their name and we remember it.  What is it?  The Logo.

   For the last two decades, it has been uncommon for respectable galleries to have interesting, strange, joyous or powerful logos to make people like them, feel for them or simply remember them by.  We, A.K.U.S.A., believe as artists, lovers, and downright good people, that it is our responsibility to help the art world to globalize like the real world.  You can make a difference, Mr. Feldman, and help re-create the New York art-scene.  Be a trendsetter, buy a logo and you won't regret it or forget about it.



With hope in our breast,





PS.:  The logo is dedicated to uncle Marty, and it celebrates the eyes of all art lovers.




Yes, I would like to buy print-ready film of the enclosed logo, plus the rights to use it.  I would like to pay by:


                     Money order




                     Cash, and please come to my gallery to pick it up. Don't forget to bring your slides!