Dear Jessica Fredericks,




   Yo girl, was up?  A.K.U.S.A. here, just kickin' it, know what I'm sayin'.  We got the mad logo we designed for your shit, know what I'm sayin'.  Its the dope, stoopid shit, put it on Tee-shirts, business cards, and letterhead and shit, know what I'm sayin'.  $500.00 you pay to us (for print-ready film and the rights and shit) or give us a motherfuckin' retrospective in the house, know what I'm sayin'.



Peace Out,




ps:  We good to go for a show, so write us now.  Ask for our slides, yo, 'cause we ain't beggin' your ass for a show.  Now's your chance.  Fight the powers that be! Do the right thing!


pps:  A.K.U.S.A. is in the house!