Dear Sandra Gering,





   I've heard people say that "music makes the world go 'round", or maybe its money, but anyway, what about the fuckin' gears man?!  Every watch, clock, and computer has millions and millions of tiny gears inside (except for those new digital ones) and they're talkin' about the music!

   What does this have to do with you, you're probably asking?  It has everything to do with you!  You've got gears in your name, in your blood, baby!  You just haven't seen it yet, but that's why we're here.  We're amazing artists in our own right, and what we did is use our talents, genius, and insights to design you a logo that would best show the art world that, godammit, Gering makes the art world go 'round!! 

   So whaddya say?  500 big ones gets you print-ready film and the rights to do whatever your gorgeous heart desires to do with that thing.  Think about it:  Put it on Tee-shirts, business cards, posters, baseball hats, and best of all, if you put us in a show, you can have the thing for free!  You're not gonna find another offer like this; not in any store, or ever again.  So write us today and place your order now.



We Make Your Business Our Business,