Dear Mr. Kaplan,



   We are two young men that have dedicated our lives to our two favorite goddesses:  The goddess of love, Venus; and the goddess of art, Aphrodite.  Recently when thinking of our next project, we decided to do something for you Mr. Kaplan.  You are one of those rare pioneers that we have faith in and maybe you can do something for us, if you have faith in us.

   We sincerely believe that you are the next Miss Mary Boone, you have the next Pace Gallery or even the next Whitney.  We made a new logo for your gallery that you can either purchase for $500.00 or trade for putting us in an upcoming exhibition.  We think that your gallery needs a friendly, humorous logo unlike the more corporate galleries like Pace or Mary Boone, that have totally lost track of what art is really about.  Keep up the good work, Kaptain.



Much Gratitude for seeing our slides last year,






PS:  Just because Chelsea is the hip new island in the stormy sea of the New York art world, doesn't mean you have to sail away from SoHo.  Rock the boat, keep the faith!