Dear Ms. Martz,



You are the crème of the avant-garde. The lady of the unknown. The queen of your private parts. The survivor (because you're the fittest). You're sensational, yet venomous.  Enviable.


We are in a distant place, in a foreign land,

thinking of you and what you have achieved in this life.

The music of the natives surrounds us, it doesn't affect us.

We have a dream, and you are part of it.  A dream can travel

across the ocean without losing its power.

We are going to follow our dream all the way to your


We will never surrender, and we know you won't. Not in a New York minute. That's what binds us together.  We are going to sell you this logo.  $100.00 is as cheap and easy as we are.

You will buy the logo, just like you will buy us.  You'll have permission to use the logo and show us to the   collectors/terrorists, but don't worry, it's strictly business.

You are the survivor girl.



Never surrender,