Dear Mr.'s Morris and Healey,



   We're writing you to tell it like it is because we know, you're no different than us:  You're scraping to get by as a gallery; and we're scraping to get by as artists, but the fact is we're both collaborating.  It's all about trusting your brother-man, and nobody knows that better than us.  We, A.K.U.S.A. as an art team, often make a great piece of art and stand back and just look at it and say, "A.K.U.S.A. together at last, kickin' that ass!", but then we have nowhere to show it.  We can imagine the two of you doing the same thing with your awesome gallery (the first in Chelsea [you're #1]), but having nobody to show, except a few like George Stoll and that gun boy.

   So here we are offering you this logo package (includes print-ready film and the rights to use it) as an obvious hook (but you've got to admit it's pretty sweet looking).  The fact is we're making different logos for all the galleries, but they're all pussies and are either idiots, not interested at this time, or just don't like the price tag.  But that's precisely it; we're not offering to sell it to you at all, but want to trade it for a show, even a group show at your gallery.  At least ask us to show you our slides (after all, we're not beggars, bums, or thieves).  Believe us, we "fit" in your gallery, so make the slogan a reality today:  "A.K.U.S.A. and Morris/Healey together at last".


Looking Forward To Working With You Soon,




p.s.:  I guess love really can't stand the test of time as this pathetically outdated letter goes to show.  We too are at odds with each other and in fact are fighting with each other tooth and nail just to keep it together, and for our right to party.  I guess this is when, "To each his own", really starts to make sense.  Keep a lookout for A.K. and U.S.A., the artists, and just keep on keepin' on.  I wish you could have been better role models for us.  Please write soon, we could use some cheering up.


p.p.s.:  We can work it out.