Dear Mr. Naftali and Mr. Green, Ms. Naftali and Ms. Green, Mr. Naftali and Ms. Green, or Ms. Naftali and Mr. Green,


   Sorry friends, but we don't even know your sexy sex or sexes.  Maybe it will show you the gap between the people selling the art and the people making it.  Between you and us. We tried to talk to you about our work two years ago at your gallery, but you just kind of laughed and said, "No, No, No! Are you crazy?  This is not how you do it.  This is how you do it: come to every opening, be nice, make people like you, and eventually they'll say: 'Are you guys also artists?  What kind of art do you make?' etc."

   But that's not our way, oh no, we are like two casual horses grazing in the pasture, hoping someone will come and ride us hard.  After all, who is going to like a shy, mean looking Scandinavian and a much too tan and friendly Californian boy?  We think it's time for the New York art world to globalize and respect our cultural differences, show some worldly manners.  "Politically correct?  Just right."* Anyway, we took some of your advice to heart.  We're not writing you to ask for a show.  We just wanted to give you a logo we made as our little way of saying, "Let's make peace, let’s start communicating again."



Necessity is the mother of all creation,





Ps. Thanks for all your advice and stuff, it really got us thinking.


* Taken from a J.B. Scotch advertisement.