A beat, a mood, a tone.  You're in the groove.

A measurement, metronome.  You're in the slot,



The Art world:



Fickle, no remorse.  All memories and none at all.

Movements.  No movement--painting's dead, it's



The barometer of change:



What's the benchmark?

Who's the stand-up guy--where's the stalwart, hallmark

of quality?  You baby!  

You set the PACE, keep the time, know the tune.

You're keepin' it all in check.

Check it out!:


The logo--missing link, the thing you need. Let 'em know who's boss.  Five hundred bucks--cash or check for the rights and print-ready film to:  A.K.U.S.A.


Fill the void, see our slides. Live fast die young.  Search and destroy.  Never say never-again.