Dear Board Members of P.P.O.W.,


    We would have liked to send a copy of this letter to each one of you individually at least a month before the board meeting.  We wanted to give you time to review it, and give you each a fair chance to earn bonus points by introducing us and our idea to your concern.  But we don't know who you are or what kind of people you keep underneath (in the underground), so we are assuming that your secretary(s) made a copy for each one of you, or maybe even better, the president of P.P.O.W. is reading it out loud over the conference phone.

    Let's cut the shit, more likely, you are an intern/art student sitting at the front desk (looking pretty/handsome) and are about to throw this letter in the trash with the other junk mail.  Before you do that, remember:  Schwitters, Rauschenberg, Landers, Rhodes.  Not all junk is just junk.  We urge you to use your connections within the firm and make sure this letter will receive top priority.  You just might climb the ladder on our backs, and if it flies, we'll give you 10% plus any incidentals.


Dear President:


    Enclosed is a logo with an edge to it. (The way you like it) Print-ready film of the logo and all inclusive rights to use it can be yours for $500.00.  Go for it! Make P.P.O.W. even more un-fucking believable.  (New York style [this ain't Kansas]).  If you don't have the cash but want the logo, consider putting us in a show. 


Best of luck,




PS:  Your logo can kick their logo's ass. Stay alert, act sharp, stand tall, be tough.


PPS:  Our buddy Mike Pyrzynski says, "Hi".