Friedrich Petzel.




     When we roll those two words over our tongues, we are taken back to our childhood.  They are strong words which conjure up foreign lands with mighty names like; Stuttgart, Matterhorn, Black Forest,  and leiderhosen (the town).  We are taken deeper into these lands and recall our favorite biergarten where we would squelch our hunger with steaming hot Bavarian pretzels and wash it down, slaking our thirst with bitter ale.

     To name an art gallery after your own name, Friedrich Petzel, is a smart move, reflective of a wise and powerful man.  Recognizing your insight, we created a logo truly befitting a gallery of such stature.  We know you will be happy with our logo, and will be proud to wave it freely.

     Unfortunately we come to the matter of the cost.  One way to acquire the rights and print-ready film of the logo is to pay us six hundred dollars.  But the fact is, we are artists at heart (and soul), and would gladly trade for a show at your gallery.  We are looking forward to your reply.


                                               With Pride,







PS:  Please respond by April 15th.  (tax day)