Dear Andrea,


Andrea Rosen.  Your name like the flower it brings to mind

lingers on our lips,

for ne'er has such a gallery existed,

in SoHo, NoHo, West Coast.  No how.

Nor across the sea.  And you know what?

Fuck Chelsea!


Hear us out, we don't want to

beg and plead with you,

but let us show you what we think you need.

We love your nerve, showing Landers, Lum.

And Zittel. You've got the brave heart

to show these kids, so show your true colors, and

buy print-ready film and the rights to the enclosed logo.  It's got your name on it. You'll beat them all.  And you know what?

Fuck Gago!


In this age of greed it's tough to say, but as you well know, we all need... Money--five hundred dollars to be precise--will buy you the logo.  But everything has a cost, and the barter system is our friend.  We will trade, for a show.  See our slides, and you know what?

fuck what they think! 


Please reply...soon.