Dear Ms. Soloman,


   An old student of ours, Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt, whom we affectionately call Tummygan Schmidget (only his closest friends call him that), suggested for the millionth time that we write you, so finally we caved.  You know how he is. 

   You see, for the last thirty-some-odd years now we've been keeping a watchful eye on the art world even though we've totally rejected the gallery system. All the while, however, we've created a huge amount of powerful, yet sensitive, and totally amazing art.

   After all these long years, we've been keeping our eye on your ever growing legacy, and have finally come to the conclusion that you are not a fad.  Boone went uptown, Castelli had a heart attack, and everybody else went to Chelsea, but you were almost the first in SoHo and will be the last to leave.  Because of this, and because we feel the world is finally ready, we are saying, "What the hell, we'll join your gallery".  Isn't that amazing news?

   Don't get too crazy, and overworked yet though because there's more.  In commemoration of this momentous occasion we would like to present you with a logo we designed just for your gallery.  It depicts a mandala, the Indian symbol of re-birth.  It is represented by the repetition of a dancing figure.  We feel that the spirit of the dance is one of the most powerful spirits and, what an art form!  The dancer, however, is not your everyday dancer.  It is a tantric dancer, which makes the logo all the more fucking sexy.

   Write soon regarding scheduling our first upcoming show, because we might go trekking in Nepal soon.  Also be gentle with Tummygan (don't call him that), he bruises easy.  One last thing:  Do you like jewelry?


Go for it!