Mademoiselle Sonnabend,


   Welcome to America, and thanks for bringing our boys with you; Gilbert and George in the seventies, Fischli and Weiss in the eighties.  What do you say about Blaustein and Asmunsson in the nineties?  How does that sound to you?  Not so special, we know...yet.  Because it doesn't rhyme or anything.  Plus we've got funny names.  That's why we call ourselves, A.K.U.S.A.  But if you choose to take us on, we guarantee your future success, or your logo back.  We are still young, and will survive the zeros of the new century and beyond!  You know we've been there, done that, but we've never shown in a decent gallery.

   Sol LeWitt once said, "Paris, Soho, Mondrian, Kosuth; great names have come and gone."  However, you haven't left yet, and we like that.  Great names don't always just go, especially not the funny ones like ours. 

   We made a beautiful and worldly logo with your funny name on it, and we're only charging you $1200.00 for print-ready film and the permission to use it.  If you don't want it, we are going to put our names on it, and just keep it.  What do you think about that?  Please respond to this letter, tell us your opinion.  We really don't know what we'll do with this thing of ours if you make us keep it.  Teach us, make our day.  Akureyri, New York, Sonnabend, Blaustein, «Asmunsson, great names will never just go away....Unless you pay.


With only the best intentions in mind,