Dear Mr.'s Sperone and Westwater,


   John Lennon and his gang of Lennonists had it all wrong when they said, "Money can't buy you love...".  Just look where he ended up.  I agree with him that love is probably the Earth's greatest invention, but even greater, has got to be money. So let's celebrate it instead of trying to fight the power, because probably the most important thing money can buy is love.  Look at Donald Trump, Roman Polanski, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, and Dodi Al Fayed just to name a few.  They were all rich and did they get the hot, little, young ones because of their looks?...no...their methods of seduction?...no...their luck?...Of course not.  It all comes down to one thing:  Money.

   What does all of this have to do with you?  Well we were going to tie it all in with love of art, and how next to love, money is best used to buy art.  And we created a logo for you that depicts your love for each other (Sperone and Westwater), but then we came up with another logo that we liked equally well and thought, lets give you a choice, so the following paragraph relates more to the other less serious logo and reads as follows:

   Even though we know in our heart of hearts that when it rains it is beneficial for the planet, sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees, or the sun for the clouds in reality.  But, Damnit!  It's up there shining away, keeping the angels happy.  So when you're feeling blue because it's gray and cold and rainy outside, cheer up, because Mr. Sun is out there somewhere. His brother, little rainy, is just trying to make all his little planty boys grow up to be big trees.

   I'm not sure how we were going to make this relate to the logo, except that your gallery always brings a smile to our face on a cloudy day.  Anyway, the logo costs anywhere from $100 to $1000, whatever you think is best.  That price includes print-ready film and the rights to use it.  If you want both logos, the price is definitely higher, so write us immediately so we can discuss your options.


Take care of each other,