To the Director of Thread Waxing Space,


    Like the band Hawkwind said, "Space is Deep", but the Thread waxing Space is deeper than all the known universes, mentally, and spiritually, but not physically...yet.

    That whole "alternative" thing is so 1995.  It's time you break the image that people have of your gallery as being an "alternative space".  I mean what is that anyway?  Alternative to what?  To the so-called commercial galleries?  The day that an art gallery is truly commercial is the day that artists are actually respected in our society.  In the real world, you're just as "cutting edge" as Pace so why don't you face the fact that you need a strong logo to boost your image, and self-image? 

    That's where we come in.  For a limited time only, we are offering print-ready film and the rights to the enclosed logo for a mere $500.00...but wait...there's more!  We understand that you're a cutting-edge, non-profit, alternative, art project space which is very important in this day and age.  After all, only the alternative galleries respect the younger artists and can recognize true genius, so in order to support the underground, we'll donate the logo package if you'll just put us in a show.  Then like Hawkwind says in another song, you'll be the "masters of the Universe", physically.


Congratulations on Doing A Great Job,




PS:  Peace and Greenpeace forever!