To CEO, Wooster Gardens, Inc.



    A.K.U.S.A. has been tracking the galleries for years.  In that time we have seen some of them achieve phenomenal growth while others seem to hit a wall.  What are the differences between those that grow and those that flounder, stagnate of even fail?  Having the right image is a big part of it.

    We have found that all growing galleries experience similar self-image challenges as they attempt to move from one level of growth to the next.  While some make the necessary adjustments, others keep struggling with their same tired image.

    A.K.U.S.A.'s Growth Strategy Consulting Groupª has developed a powerful new logo to help your gallery realize its growth potential, and to ensure long-term success.  For only $500.00 (for print-ready film and the rights), the logo we designed will give you the confidence for making the right decisions to move beyond your current situation and to effectively achieve new levels of growth.

    If you can't fit the $500.00 into your current budget, A.K.U.S.A. has another strategy to help you stay on our optimal path for your gallery's continued growth.  We'll show our slides to you and your team of dealers, and by showing our work in exchange for the logo package, we'll be giving you the resources to move to the next level.  Let's discuss your present situation.  Write A.K.U.S.A. today.


Doing the right thing for over three years,