Dear David Zwirner,


   This is a difficult letter to write.  Why?  Because of our respect for you as a gallerist, an art lover, a man.  We could play the "who you know" game, and tell you, "We go this far back with Jason Rhoades at U.C.L.A., and have been friends with Franz West since Spring Break '95".  But no, that's not our style.  Why do we respect you?  Maybe because as artists we feel you speak our language, the art language.  You had the nerve and vision to show Jason AND his wife Rachel, AND her sister, now that takes balls buddy.  In a time of hit and miss in the art world you are consistent.  Consistently goddamned good.

   Another reason this is a difficult letter:  We are artists; you are an art dealer; We are writing to you.  It is so transparent; We want something from you.  But we don't want to appear as beggars.  Beggars cannot be choosers and let me tell you, we're pro-choice!  You are our pro-choice.  You are the diamond in the rough.  We want you to buy print-ready film and the rights to the enclosed logo we designed specifically for you.  Better yet, if you cannot afford the eight hundred dollars we are asking, we would like to trade it to you for a show.  Even in the back room.  Or during summer.  Or, open Zwirner's Project Space in Chelsea.  Or the East Village or even NoHo.  Just look at our slides, or at least reply to this letter.  We care because you do.